Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thing 4 - Fri 26/02

Hi again
My goal for 23 things is to increase my knowledge of, and ability to use 'fun' technology in my LOTE classes as a means of motivating the "I hate compulsory LOTE and so do my parents" kids.
Every day after school (if it's not too hot - no aircon at my school) I'll put 15-20 min aside, and each Friday, I've timetabled in 1 hour at this stage. I'll see if this is adequate or not, and let you know!
What I need in my learning tool kit : (1) air con at my school please!!!! Haha thought I'd try!
(2) the next lot of 'things', and/or some interaction with the other people in the programme - my blog site has only been commented on by me so far, which is a tad lonely, and EXTREMELY boring!
Sorry, Shuko, I WILL comment on YOUR blog once it's up and running.
Thanks, Penny, for getting this up and going. Looking forward to participating. Beth 1.50pm (regardless of what the blog-site says!)

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  1. Hi Beth!! :) Great to see you in the blogosphere!

    Shuko's blog is at

    You can change your timezone in the settings - it's worth seeing what you can do in your dashboard. We'll be changing our blogger language as a later Thing, for example :)

    Ohhh... no airconditioning!! Aaarrghhh!!! I'm sorry I can't help you there ;)