Thursday, April 22, 2010

23rd April

Just spent over two hours (that I DON'T HAVE!) apparently NOT creating a glog. Well, I did, twice. Lost it once then actually saved and published it, only to find that I hadn't registered yet (which took way too long as well) - and when I DID successfully register - I have "Not created any glogs yet". I know it will be in cyber-space somewhere! But, altho I jot down MANY things whilst on computer, I didn;t record the Glog number I was given on publication.

MAYBE I'll spend another hour or two sometime recreating a glog so that I can tick off Thing #14.... but, truth be told... as I can't get Japanese script to "stick" (You can write in it, but it won't stay on the screen when you push OK), I'm not likely to use this with my students anyhow...

AND, I'm now miles behind the millions of other things I'm doing today, including coordinating/conducting/sargent -majoring 3 primary school choirs to sing at an ANZAC service. That's 100 kids (like hearding cats....) Must run.
I'll hopefully try again

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Voki Avatar!

Get a Voki now!

Now THIS is fun!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Madly flicking between windows to embed a youtube clip onto my blog (following Penny's instructions step by step). If all goes well, a clip on how to use a Japanese-style toilet should be available for you to watch.... Here goes nothing!
10 min later (grr) having problems - keep getting an error message. Will try again for a short time only (have more urgent things needing doing)!

Yatta! Banzai! Yay, I did it! Thanks Penny!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Is there anybody out there?
If so, please say hello! (Yes the phone probably would be quicker at this stage of our learning!!)
Thanks Penny for your patience.

My advanced search task wasn't very advanced. Couldn't find how to set the target language into Japanese, therefore, got some very funny sites when I typed in "uchi", Japanese for house. At least it was different form the "Western real-estate-adds", but, I'm sure, not REALLY very helpful for teaching kids about Japanese housing.
The "deliminators" did make a difference, though!
Will keep trying for a bit... but would LOVE to HEAR from someone (at the moment my computer is all I'm "talking to" - and, unlike some of my students!!, it doesn't answer back!!)
Oh, also, I have to do the bit from home, as it's banned at school, and I'm too busy to find the deputy and spoil for a fight (again!) this week :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thing 4 - Fri 26/02

Hi again
My goal for 23 things is to increase my knowledge of, and ability to use 'fun' technology in my LOTE classes as a means of motivating the "I hate compulsory LOTE and so do my parents" kids.
Every day after school (if it's not too hot - no aircon at my school) I'll put 15-20 min aside, and each Friday, I've timetabled in 1 hour at this stage. I'll see if this is adequate or not, and let you know!
What I need in my learning tool kit : (1) air con at my school please!!!! Haha thought I'd try!
(2) the next lot of 'things', and/or some interaction with the other people in the programme - my blog site has only been commented on by me so far, which is a tad lonely, and EXTREMELY boring!
Sorry, Shuko, I WILL comment on YOUR blog once it's up and running.
Thanks, Penny, for getting this up and going. Looking forward to participating. Beth 1.50pm (regardless of what the blog-site says!)

Mrs Mc

Thank you for listening to my news. (You're welcome, Beth.) Have you guessed I now work in Primary School!
O.K., I'm ready to start. Just need to meet my Blog Buddy - Shuko. はじめまして。 よろしくおねがいします Please let me know if hiragana works on this thing! I'm experimenting :)
Hello everyone else. Sorry I couldn't drive up this afternoon. I'll definitely be there for the April 1st get together. And (hey) isn't this technology meant for EXACTLY this situation? Who needs faces??
じゃね (catch ya!)