Thursday, March 4, 2010


Is there anybody out there?
If so, please say hello! (Yes the phone probably would be quicker at this stage of our learning!!)
Thanks Penny for your patience.

My advanced search task wasn't very advanced. Couldn't find how to set the target language into Japanese, therefore, got some very funny sites when I typed in "uchi", Japanese for house. At least it was different form the "Western real-estate-adds", but, I'm sure, not REALLY very helpful for teaching kids about Japanese housing.
The "deliminators" did make a difference, though!
Will keep trying for a bit... but would LOVE to HEAR from someone (at the moment my computer is all I'm "talking to" - and, unlike some of my students!!, it doesn't answer back!!)
Oh, also, I have to do the bit from home, as it's banned at school, and I'm too busy to find the deputy and spoil for a fight (again!) this week :)


  1. Hi Beth

    I am going to try tomorrow with my year 7 and 8 as I only have access to them on Monday and of course last Monday was a holiday so I will trying two things tomorrow. Hopefully I will succeed. Probably blogger is banned but I have the power to unblock!!!!

  2. Hi Beth. Thing 5: When I typed "ie" which means also "house" in Japanese, I got lots of image of IE internet explorer. "ie-Japanese" let me have some Japanese house pictures. Advance research gave me the same results. Type いえ(ie in Japanese script) gave me best result for images, but not very good for web site because many articles found were actually written in Japanese secript. Impossible for students to read. I will avoid typing "ie in kanji 家”because most of the articles came up in Chinese which I am not good at !!!. I will stick to hiragana this time. Translation on Lauguage Tool was very entertaining.

  3. Sorry, another typing error; script not secript. I always should check my comment before posting them, shouldn't I!!

  4. Interesting!! I wonder what search engine is most popular in Japan?!?