Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mrs Mc

Thank you for listening to my news. (You're welcome, Beth.) Have you guessed I now work in Primary School!
O.K., I'm ready to start. Just need to meet my Blog Buddy - Shuko. はじめまして。 よろしくおねがいします Please let me know if hiragana works on this thing! I'm experimenting :)
Hello everyone else. Sorry I couldn't drive up this afternoon. I'll definitely be there for the April 1st get together. And (hey) isn't this technology meant for EXACTLY this situation? Who needs faces??
じゃね (catch ya!)


  1. I actually posted this at 1.12pm - won't even try to work out which timeline this is on. Sorry to be the first to comment on my own blog - I'm not really that self-centred. Have a good afternoon

  2. :)

  3. Hi, Beth. I finally found out how to leave my comment in your blog. Believe or not it took me more than one hour!!! I am shocking with technology. Yes, your hiragana is displayed well. No problems. I though I could recognize your name. It must be more than 7 years ago that we are in a small moderation group as I haven't taught Year 12 for long time. Now I am working at K-12 independent school (still in Albany). I will explore this blog thing a bit more and send you another comment later. See ya.